Allstate Plastics
P. 510-783-9600
F. 510-783-9622
Liners: High density, linear low, low density, reprocessed and specialty polyethylene liners; and related products.
P. 770.974.7000
F. 770.974.0614
Americo Manufacturing Company, Inc., a global leader in the Jan./San. industry, has been producing floor pads, cleaning accessories and matting since 1969. Americo’s goal is to manufacture products that perform to the highest standards while leaving the smallest possible impact on the environment. The family-owned company produces floor pads using 100% recycled PET plastic and an innovative technology with floor pads that have been specially formulated to biodegrade in a fraction of the time that it takes for conventional pads
B & G Equipment Co.
P. 678-688-5601
F. 678-688-5639
Plastic and stainless steel industrial sprayers and accessories.
Big D Industries
P. 405-682-2541
F. 405-681-4219
Manufacturer of odor control products including
water soluble liquids, deodorizers, absorbents,
powders, aerosols, urinal screens and blocks, and
a variety of other products.
Bobrick Washroom Equipment
P. 818-764-1000
F. 818-503-1102
Soap dispensers, stainless steel washroom equipment, toilet compartments, sierra series, grab bars, mirrors, hand dryers and Sureflo™ hand soap. [Bobrick Product Guide]
P. 480-781-5000
F. 602-313-4300
Waste & material handling, brooms, brushes, rotary brushes, mops and varies food service products.
Claire Sprayway
P. 630-543-7600
F. 630-543-4310
Branded and private label cleaning and maintenance aerosols.
CleanMax Vacuums
P. 866-785-1595
F. 866-550-0675
CleanMax vacuum cleaners with proven cleaning performance are built to withstand the rigors of commercial cleaning. With metal where it matters, ergonomic grips, easy-access clean-out ports, and models featuring HEPA filtration.
Product Catalog
Clorox Co.
P. 800-631-2772
F. 510-271-7059
Nationally branded cleaning and maintenance products including Clorox Germicidal Bleach, 409, PineSol, and many others.

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P. 800-438-8673
F. 510-748-4146

Fulfilling the needs of Consuming Customers with Solutions from our Manufacturers and Distributors

Falcon Waterfree Technologies
P. 818-764-1000
F. 818-503-1102

Falcon through its partnership with Bobrick of-
fers an environmentally friendly, cost effective,
water saving fixture to fit your restroom needs.
Replacement cartridges provide a barrier to trap
in odors while providing minimal maintenance.
Gamco - Specialty Accessories
P. 818-764-1000
F. 818-503-1102
Gamco (A Division of Bobrick) offering washroom accessories, grab bars, shower seats, hand dryers, mirrors brass and custom accessories.

P. 800-243-0373
For over 80 years, Geerpres ® has provided quality products to the Jan/San industry. We have earned the reputation of creating the highest-quality, longest-lasting metal wringers, buckets and EVS carts.
P. 800-323-5497
F. 847-675-1708
Jelmar offers a wide variety of cleaners, degreasers, and treatments with brands such as CLR®Pro and Tarn-X.
KL Designs
P. 888-552-7870
F. 888-552-7871
Outdoor cigarette receptacles with an attractive
design, eco-friendly, and no more unsightly
butts or messy sand.
Koala Kare
P. 818-733-3456
F. 303-539-8399
An integrated line of convenience and activity products designed to make businesses "family friendly" and allow children to play safely in public: Baby Changing Stations, Seating, and Activity Products.

P. 800-543-4641
F. 513-527-5506

With our state-of-the-art laboratory and computer-aided manufacturing, Kutol is equipped to develop, manufacture and deliver quality custom solutions to our customers, consistently time after time.
Mercantile Development, Inc
P. 800-333-0900
F. 203-922-8279

Professional quality wipers that are from the
ProSeries® product line. Low-lint, economical,
and dusting wipers to fit all your needs.
Oil-Dri Corp.
P. 800-645-3747
F. 800-233-8550
Premium products and solutions for spill protection, containment, and clean up.
The Safety Zone
P. 800-821-5702
F. 800-783-2987
Gloves, safety equipment & attire.
SpaceVac USA
P. 647-531-7464
F. 800-548-7715
Spacevac offers an internal high-level cleaning system giving operators a safe way to clean high-level areas from the ground floor with no need for scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers.
Tolco Corporation
P. 800-537-4786
F. 419-241-3035
A complete line of plastic spray bottles, sprayers, racks, dustpans and various maintenance supplies.